Charles Edwin King
(1943 - 2004)

This is a photo of a young Charles as a boy. The girl on his shoulders is unknown to me. The man with the binoculars is our father, Edwin T. King. This was taken in the 1950's.

This photo was taken in 1960-61. Left to right: Edwin T. King, Wilma (Shelton) King, Charles Edwin King, and Tina King (me) in Charles' arms. Charles and Tina are 17 years apart in age.

This is a drawing done of Charles King on a pizza box by another pizza delivery person. He was known as "Sheriff Lobo" or just "Lobo".

This photo was taken in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona. Charles loved it there.

Charles was born to Margaret Harrison and Edwin T. King in Coles, Mississippi on May 13th, 1943. Charles himself told me where he was born. I knew his birth date, and the year came from the divorce papers of his mother, Margaret Harrison, and our father, Edwin T. King.

Charles married twice in his lifetime and produced four daughters. He has done many things in his lifetime for an occupation: Taxi driver, taxicab business owner, Pizza Delivery, Bouncer, extra in a western movie. He preferred to work outside, or in buildings that were open to the outside. I think he was a little claustrophobic. Charles was the bouncer at a bar in Indianapolis. Folks who knew him called him "Lobo" or "Sheriff Lobo" because he loved to wear cowboy type hats. He would have loved to have been a real cowboy. While living in Arizona, he was an extra in a western movie being filmed in Tucson for a stampede scene. I don't recall the name of the movie, but he told me all about it.

One thing I will never forget is that he loved Classical music. He taught me to enjoy it, too. He told me to close my eyes and let the scenes appear. It was awesome! Charles served in the Air Force during the 60's. One job he held in the military required secrecy and he was removed from that job because it was discovered that he had a habit of talking in his sleep.

One of the things he wanted to do before he died was to travel throughout the states. He missed this goal. Charles had diabetes as do most of us in the family. His took his legs over the past 5 years or so. He became wheelchair bound. Unfortunately, I am unable to go home to attend his funeral, and so I sit at home and grieve for a brother I will never see again. I was his "Tintin", and he was my "Bubby".

Charles Edwin King
b. May 13, 1943 in Coles, MS
d. May 15, 2004 in Indianapolis, IN

"I love you, Bubby!"