WILMA DORIS (SHELTON) BLASKIEWICZ

Wilma was born in Rumsey, McLean County, Kentucky on April 23rd, 1928 (the exact same day as Shirley Temple!) to Winfred Cleveland Shelton and Nellie Mae Thomas. Mom loved Shirley Temple and passed that love on to me. She would curl my hair in bobby pins when I was little. We loved watching her movies, too.

I remember going fishing and blackberry picking as a family when I was younger. Mom and Dad loved playing card games, too. They played Euchre and I learned that game and loved it. Mom had a crush on Liberace and Tex Ritter. She told me that herself. We were talking about the record albums she had in her collection. I think I remember one by Tex Ritter. She had 33's and 78's!

Mom had several interests. She told me about wanting to be an aerialist in the circus. She ran away to Texas with her first husband to follow her dream but it did not happen for her. He left her there. She never told me how she came to be back home in Indiana. She also had an ability to draw. I saw some of her work when I was young but a house fire took those drawings so they are lost now, but I remember some of them. She drew clothing and hats. It was really nice work. Her drawings were mostly of women's clothing in the fashion of the 1950's. She had a nice flair with her drawings. I was amazed at her talent and quite proud of it.

She had a way with animals. Growing up we had cats and dogs and parrakeets and mom even had a chicken hawk! She was the only one who could get near him, she told me. I think dad could feed it but that was it. This was before my time.

Mom passed away peacefully at 3:35 pm on December 23rd, 2020 with my older sister, Karen, at her side so she was not alone when she passed. We girls will miss our mommy very much. RIP mom - YOUR GIRLS LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Interment will be at Memorial Park Cemetery beside Edwin T. King, our father.