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NOTE: My comments are in red. Everything else was posted by or requested to be posted by the individual listed. (COUSINS: Please be sure that I have your correct e-mail and/or web link posted, and help me to keep this information current. THANKS!)
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(My 6th cousin)

William Shelton & Hannah Yates
..Josiah Shelton & Nancy Ross
...William J. Shelton & Margaret Ramsey
....Preston C. Shelton & Ellen J. Marvel
.....Delbert Palmer Shelton & Ethel Elizabeth Fried

Letricia and I connect at William Shelton, Sr. & Hannah Yates. She connects through their son, Josiah Shelton, and I connect through son, John.

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Billy Day

Billy and I connect at Robert Day, Sr. & Elizabeth Adams. Billy connects through their son, Robert D. Day, Jr., while I connect through their son, Jonathan Day. This Jonathan Day was been confused with his nephew Jonathan Day, son of Robert D. Day, Jr., who spent most of his life in Amite co., MS. My Jonathan Day moved on to Wilkinson co., MS and died there. The will of Jonathan Day, son of Robert D. Day, Jr. has been posted to the Amite county genweb site, and clears up the confusion between these two men. He had three children that were deaf.

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(My 3rd cousin)
Vonette Curtis

Von Toble Shelton, Jr.
Von Toble Shelton, Sr. and Rebecca Pruett
J Z Shelton and Zula Farmer
Winfield Scott Shelton and Annie Skudmore McMullin
..Lucinda Shelton was actual mother of Winfield Scott
J Z Shelton (the brother of Lucinda who raised Winfield Scott Shelton)
..1st wife Sarah Winstead
..2nd wife Catherine Gates Whitsell
Tina, Charlene and I connect here:
Lucinda Shelton was birth mother to four (five) children
1.) Winfield Scott Shelton
2.) Mary Ellen Shelton (Charlene's Line)
3.) Agnes Shelton
4.) Albert V Shelton (Tina's Line)
5.) Cordelia Shelton (died very young, but listed in the genealogy manuscript penned by John William Shelton, Lucinda's youngest brother)

Josiah Cyrus Shelton and Elizabeth Orand
John Shelton and Sarah Gorman
William Shelton and Hannah Yates
William Shelton is a brick wall
Lucinda Shelton's death is a brick wall

Rebecca Pruett and Von Toble Shelton, Sr.
George Herbert Pruett and Abra Crockett Beasley
William Riley Pruett and Rebecca Gossage(unproved Cherokee Indian)

Zula Farmer and J Z Shelton
her back to 1616.

Annie Skudmore McMullin and W S Shelton about three generations back.

Abra Crockett Beasley and George Herbert Pruett
James Beasley and ??Brickle Fuller
I have Fuller line back 2 generations. She was illegitimate, born a year before her parents married. James Beasley is a dead end.
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(My Half 5th cousin)

Elaine Randall English
Her website: Hemlock Hill
Johnson Randall & Rachel Roundtree (?PA?>NC>GA>MS)
..Isham Randall & Rebecca Day (NC>GA>MS)
...Allen H. Randall & Catherine Samantha Roberts
....Van Allen Hosea Randall & Mary Blanche Wooley
......Byron Hosea Randall & Gueretta McDaniel
.......Charles Wayne Randall & Ruby Lucille Moore

Elaine and I connect at Johnson Randall and Rachel Roundtree, also at Isham Randall and Rebecca Day. The Randall lines and the Day lines are in my tree. We connect on the Day line starting at Rebecca and going backwards.

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(My 4th cousin)

1st connection:
William Shelton-Hannah Yates
..John Shelton-Sarah ?
...Josiah Cyrus Shelton-Mary Orand
....Mary Elizabeth Shelton-Gustavas Oglesby
.....Sirena Oglesby-Amos Shelton
......Gus Franklin Shelton-Ona Potts

2nd connection:
William Shelton-Hannah Yates
..William Shelton Jr-Rebecca Hogg
...Elijah Franklin Shelton-Elizabeth Lynn
....Benjamin Franklin Shelton-Elizabeth Sigler
.....Amos Mansfield Shelton-Sirena Oglesby
......Gus Franklin Shelton-Ona Potts

Here are my brick walls:
William Shelton-Hannah Yates-brick wall for William
John Booker married Lula Spencer-I know nothing about the parents of either of these
Robert Keach married Ada Williams-I know Robert was raised by a "Fields" when his father was killed in the war by nothing about Ada Williams. I know that Ada and Robert had the following children: James (my grandfather), Harvey, Lee, Lem, Fannie, Bett (could really be Elizabeth), Matt (female, could be a nickname) and Ada

Judy and I connect closer at Josiah Cyrus Shelton and Elizabeth Orand, than anywhere else on the lines, even though she connects twice!

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(My 3rd cousin)

Donna Shelton Friedrichsen

William Shelton Sr.  -  Hannah Yates
    John Shelton  -  Sarah Gorman
        Josiah Cyrus Shelton  -  Elizabeth Orran
            Lucinda Shelton  -
                Winfield Scott Shelton  -  Annie Scudmore McMullin
                    Durward B. Shelton  -  Mary Ann Behagg
                        John Belmont Shelton  -  Mary Elizabeth Ricketts  (Living generation)
                            Donna Faye Shelton  -  Kenneth Friedrichsen  (Living generation)

Donna and I connect at our enigmatic Lucinda Shelton. She through Lucinda's son Winfield and I through her son Albert. The oldest and youngest of Lucinda's children respectively.

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