I have attempted to memorialize our dead relatives by showing their final resting places here. These stones, carved with care, are here to remind us of those who have gone on before us, and the part they played in our lives.

May God keep them in his mercy and love as we wait to join them in the hereafter.

bulletBERRY, Nora - My Maternal Great-Grandmother. (My greatest mystery)
bulletCUTRELL, Midgett G. - My 4th Great-Uncle. (Stone rubbing)
bulletDAY, Abbey Bethel - My Great-Great-Aunt.
bulletDAY, Ethel Corine - My Paternal Great-Grandmother.
bulletGATES, Catharine - Second wife of Joseph Zealot Shelton, my Great-Great-Great-Uncle.
bulletKING, Henry Clay - My Paternal Great-Grandfather.
bulletMcNEIL, Mary Olivia - My Paternal Great-Great-Grandmother.
bulletNANCE, Harriett Louise - The second wife of my Maternal Great-Grandfather, Albert V. Shelton.
bulletSHELTON, Albert V. - My Maternal Great-Grandfather.
bulletSHELTON, Dillian & Byers, Elizabeth - My First Cousin, Twice Removed, and his wife. (Double headstone)
bulletSHELTON, J. Z. & Farmer, Zula - My First Cousin, Twice Removed, and his wife. (Double Headstone)
bulletSHELTON, Joseph Zealot - My Great-Great-Great-Uncle.
bulletSHELTON, Lee - My Great Aunt.
bulletSHELTON, Mildred - My First Cousin, Three Times Removed.
bulletSHELTON, Von Toble - My Second Cousin, Once Removed.
bulletSHELTON, Von Toble, Jr. - My Third Cousin.
bulletSHELTON, Winfred Cleveland - My Maternal Grandfather.
bulletSHELTON, Winfield & McMullin, Annie - My Great-Great Uncle and his wife.
bulletWINSTEAD, Sarah J. - The first wife of my Great-Great-Great Uncle, Joseph Zealot Shelton.

I have attempted to place the maiden names of the women, as most will be searching for those names, and not their married names. Some photos are available, however, the bios have not been written yet. Please be patient with me, as I have many irons in the fire, and am attempting to get them done as quickly as possible. Thanks.